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Fathers day food fun

The summer has finally begun, and it’s about that time when we start to doing loads of fun stuff. Crazy cooking, movie making, community art, and all that jazz.

So lets begin with yesterday;

Yesterday was Fathers Day, and fabulous it was indeed.

The story is told with pictures.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

1 x Seeded Baguette
1 x Salsa pot
1 x Houmous pot
1 x Handful of lettuce
10 x black olives
10 x Cherry Tomatoes
1 x Lemon
Olive oil

And “how we made it” is broken down here in this 40 sec video – by my daughter.

Grateful for a wonderful fathers day. I remembered however, the valuable lesson I learnt in previous years, that God OUR father, Father of all, is often left out of the celebration. In prayer yesterday, I looked up at the soft blue sky above, and said out loud “Happy Fathers day”. After all He keeps the world spinning, and in His divine Grace He has kept my heart beating. Thank you LORD!

What do you think?

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This entry was posted on June 20, 2016 by in Christianity.


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